Ways to increase penis

Penis size is something that will inspire someone, especially those whom nature has not endowed the large size. And this problem worries a lot more men, because women are in fact more neutral attitude. The complex, which develops men because small penis size, is printed, not only the sexual but also everyday life. Such people are usually shy, reserved and insecure, especially when dealing with the opposite sex.

Global standards

methods of penis enlargement

The average size of the penis, representatives of the White and Negroid races vary in length 13-15 cm in the erect state. Cm can vary from 10 to 20 centimeters. But owners of normal average size, very often there are thoughts of their "inferiority complex". And in vain, because in the world there are men who are really, really small penis, long, which in erection does not exceed 5-6 inches! This pathology is called small penis can be congenital or acquired in nature, and the most common cause is hormonal imbalance in boys in childhood and adolescence.

But modern medicine offers several solutions to such problems, such as surgical intervention, and without it. Although many options are fraught with significant risks.

Vacuum pump

The vacuum pump is a special cylinder, which is suitable for the male organ. Improved erection is achieved by pumping air into the cylinder. But according to experts, this method is not effective and even harmful for men, because erection passes quickly enough after such a manipulation, and the method can cause temporary impotence, bruising of the penis, as well as the rupture of blood vessels and tissue.


An Extender is a special device that draws the penis of expanded size, which gradually increases its size. Design of the converters are from different manufacturers, but the essence is the same: the penis is fixed in stretched position with the help of special forceps for a few hours a day, increasing the daily level of excitement. According to the manufacturers, this method allows you to increase the size of the penis 2-3 inches, but the medical experts in this method, the attitude is very different. One group of doctors claim that such a method is not justified, while others, on the contrary, speak of very good results after using the extender.

Medications and Supplements

This is the most unnecessary and useless method, which was invented, that the manufacturers of these Supplements, in order to increase product sales, but many men are just victims of advertising. The maximum that can make dietary Supplements and pills is to increase potency in men, which sex organ will appear slightly larger. However, the increase in longest penis, these drugs do not affect.

Surgery to increase penis

This is probably the only effective method, which allows you to increase the penis size for 2-4 inches. Nuclear augmentation of the penis is circumcision, particularly the ligaments holding the pelvic of the penis. Tension in the base of the penis, when the action is waning and it will grow long. Also with the help of special applications, penis in fat can increase the size of your penis.

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Objective evaluation of the penis, doctors recommend men to get rid of excess weight because of fat folds around it to reduce the actual size is a few centimeters.